Flutterby Inspirations

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To Entertain, Inspire, and Enlighten.

Our mission is to introduce people to science and nature through entertaining coloring books that also offer inspirational messages and links to fun facts and enlightening knowledge.

These pictures show our coloring book concept. Our first coloring book has twenty beautiful and rare butterflies. Each page also has interesting facts about each butterfly and butterflies in general.

Each butterfly has three coloring pages, so that you can use color markers without having to worry about bleed through ruining the information page. If you use color pencils then there is no worry.

Also there are two QR code links on each page. For example, one of the links is a short video where Sir David Attenborough talks about the amazing life cycle of the English Big Blue butterfly. It tricks ants into feeding their caterpillars.

Sir David Attenborough – The Big Blue

In addition to the QR codes on each butterfly page there are several QR codes listed in the back of the book. Over 60 total. They lead to support organizations, information sites, and entertaining videos.